Urban Furnishings is the premier destination for inspirational designs, innovative textures and delicious colours.
Our fabrics offer an eclectic fusion of classic mixed with contemporary, flamboyant married with elegant; With a range of prints, weaves and wallcoverings, Urban fabric is ideal for upholstery, curtains and blinds.




If your window isn’t long enough for a full length curtain, and you do not want short curtains, consider hanging blinds or shades as an alternative.

On its own, a window is simply just a hole in your wall. However, add a covering to said window, such as some blinds, and you instantly have privacy, control over how much sunlight fills an area of your home as well as a room that sports a better look. Whether you’re going for blinds for one window or for your whole house, you can comfortably say that having them is a practical choice.


Wallpaper or Wallcovering, is a material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, and other buildings. They are sold in roll form.

Wallpapers adds life to your walls and colour to your life!

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We have had very good experience of Urban. Team is professional and gave us good advice for our needs. Will surely recommend. – Milind Tilak

The Guys here are very friendly, courteous, and provide great service. They suggest us the right thing required at a competitive price. We liked their home service and the quality is very good. They are also time sensitive and deliver on time services – Sanjay Kappaguntala

Very good. pleasant store. service is super … lot of variety to match my home decors.Service is Excellent. – Sudheer Reddy

Nice experience , you will get all options of home decor with good price and good quality.Excellent Service. – Arbind Kumar

Very good store, service is excellent plus i found a lot of variety to match my decor.  It’s been very good shopping from you. You guys are really genuine.

Dr. Farooqui

exlnt accomodative , efficient service and quality . I would strongly recommend this place good interior collection

– Mr. Ramesh Kalyanapu

Excellent Service , Excellent Hospitality, 100 % Professional.

Ved Prakash Singh Gautam

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