About Us

 In 2014, an IT and Supply Chain Expert ventured into a yet unknown business area for him. In a small rented building this        workaholic covered all aspects of the business for quite some time. Over four years later, Urban Furnishings has surpassed all expectations becoming the leading Furnishings Retailer around the GHMC belt very close to Kokapet, Narsingi, Neknampur,         Suncity, Bandlaguda, Kismatpur and Gandhamguda . Privately owned and operated, our products range from Wallpapers, curtains,    blinds and sofa fabrics to wooden flooring and commercial floor carpets.

 The company's success story began with a very simple theme: sell the best quality product at the most affordable price.          While the Urban Furnishings of today no longer resembles the steady start to their business, one thing has remained constant: 
our commitment to quality and the total satisfaction of our customers. Urban’s product selection has grown to multi brand all    available around your neighborhood.

      Welcome To Urban

      Your Neighborhood Furnishings Store

We strive to make your purchasing experience convenient, simple and stress-free so you can focus on what you do best – managing your homes and families. Building on Urban BBK’s exceptional customer service, extensive product assortment, distribution and fast delivery, our dedicated customer support team is committed to assist your home decor needs today and Beyond

We are more than a brand; commitment to quality without compromise