Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the life a wallpapers?
A. It lasts for 10-15 years depending on your maintenance.

Q. Maintenance of wallpaper?
A. There is hardly any maintenance required for wallpapers. They are 100% washable (not water-proof). Most of them are even scratch resistant and fire retardant.

Q. Advantages of wallpaper over paint/distemper?
1) Wallpaper is a very easy and a pain free job.
2) Applying paint is a very time consuming process where as applying wallpaper is a few hour process.
3) Paint requires 2-3 coats before you get your finished wall, where as wallpaper is just one single coat.
4) With paint you won’t be sure of your final layout, how or what color it may be but with wallpaper you can be sure of your final product of what you are going to receive.
5) Paint absorbs the cooling created by the air conditioner whereas, the room with wallpaper will have controlled temperature since wallpaper absorbs less temperature compared to paint.

Q. How to calculate how much wallpaper do you need?
A. This depends mostly on the roll size as the size of varies. So you can contact us and we will let you know about it.


Wallpapers add life to your walls and colour to your life!


Beautiful walls are decorated – never bare – and wallpaper is the perfect choice for the best-dressed walls.

Plain, painted and plastered walls are no matches for the beauty, durability and personality wallpaper conveys. Whatever you want to convey, there is wallpaper to express it.

From restoring a vintage house to its original grandeur to making a stark, contemporary dwelling more comfortable, today’s wallpapers offer traditional elegance, country charm, or contemporary sophistication – whatever look you desire.

Here are some reasons to install Wallpaper:

  • Colourf & happiness to your walls.
  • Set  a theme – Wallpapers help you to define a theme for each area. Eg: Cartoons in a kids room and books designs in a library.
  • Brightens a dark room
  • – Adds character to a dull room
  • – Warms up a room with no architectural features
  • – Creates a cozy atmosphere
  • Look big factor – Wallpapers makes your room look larger than it is in real life.  They basically fool your eyes, and form a delusion that the room is bigger. For example, vertical stripes make your ceiling look taller.
  • Coordination with furniture -The room gives a  new sense of style just because you can match the wallpaper with your furniture and flooring and bring up a decor theme all together. This will also cover up the space which may otherwise look empty or not utilized.
  • – Reveals your personality more than any other wall treatment
  • Conceals unfinished walls – by covering hairline cracks and other marks, defects & imperfections.
  • Better colour fastness – Wallpaper retains its original colour.
  • – Wallpapers are always “In” – Wallcoverings are a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallcovering designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices.
  • Durable
  • Washable / Scrub-able
  • Easy to install – All you need is a flat surface and your set!
  • Less maintenance – Unlike walls that need to be re-painted periodically, wallpapers require less maintenance.
  • Inexpensive – While the initial investment is higher, choosing wallcovering over paint can result in a savings of 30% or more over time.
  • Long lasting – Studies show that wallcoverings now last five times longer than paint. Most vinyl wallcoverings can retain their original beauty and performance characteristics for at least 15 years, whereas a painted surface must be cleaned more frequently to maintain its appearance, and generally requires repainting approximately every three years.
  • Fire retardant – Wallpaper will not catch fire and spread flames.
  • Strip-able – If you would like to change your Wallpaper after a while, our products can be stripped and replaced with another Wallpaper, without having to redo the wall.
  • Eco friendly & Recyclable